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24 Jul '16

Why Vote? Really, Why Bother?

Posted by Beth Carlson


Seriously. Many Republicans and Democrats are not particularly happy with their candidates. With the Republican party being hijacked by a smoke and mirrors business mogul who respects very little including his own statements, and the Democratic Primary hijacked and manipulated by the DNC, why bother, what is the point? Voting or writing in candidates at this point seems minimally effective. So why vote.

Descartes’ Principia Philosophiae actually starts (paraphrased) “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am” or "dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum”. So maybe that doubt and confusion are part of the process. We’ve only gotten to this state because we have not participated. We’ve effectively handed our government and our country over to the powers that be in our absence. Only about 40% of Americans participate in presidential elections. A lack of voting is a vote. It gives the system the go ahead. It says we aren’t paying attention, that we don’t care.

So why do I vote? I vote because I am. I may not be thrilled with my options, it may even make me a little sick, some of the choices that I have. But they are my choices to make. My governance to manage. So yes, Vote, Ergo Sum, or in Spanish; “Voto, Ergo Sum”. You can get the t-shirt here. And be proud at least that you have this option, even though it sucks sometimes. A lot.